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Blindly optimistic and careless, irresponsible and superficial, tactless and restless. Ruby : Practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful, humorous and reserved. Pessimistic and fatalistic, miserly and grudging. Each month has one or more gemstones associated with it. We will go over the birthstones for each month.

Birthday Number 22

The love of gemstones are selected many times due to birth month. Garnet is traditionally thought of as a burgundy red colored gemstone. From yellow to dark brown, there are many types of Garnet; some semi precious and some so very precious they are collectable and known by few. Some of the most beautiful gems in the world are garnets.

So for those who thought a Garnet is common, well it is not. Garnet is one of the most beautiful and collectable gems on the market. This stone is also given as a present for 2nd Wedding Anniversaries. Amethyst is from the quartz family and can be found all over the world. The most prized Amethyst at one time came from Russia.


Today the Russian mines do not produce the famed Siberian Amethyst since the mines have been depleted for many years. Africa is a leading supplier of beautiful Amethyst today with rich Purple gemstones offering pink and red hues. Uruguay is also another famous Amethyst producing region where the colors can have an electric blue flash.

Amethyst is believed to induce peace, serenity and temperance in you, plus it will restrict sensual and alcoholic intoxication, which may be good or bad. Amethyst is said to improve your skin and hair, and prevent baldness. In the Middle Ages the red spots were thought to be the blood of Jesus and the stone was believed to have miraculous powers.

Sailors believe in its protection. These stones are usually given as a gift for a 19th Wedding Anniversary gift. The hardest gemstone and used in many types of Technology other than Jewelry. The Diamond is traditionally given as a gift on the 10th Wedding Anniversary and 60th Wedding Anniversary as a gift. Some of the most beautiful Emerald comes from Columbia.

Emeralds are believed to cure you of bad health, healing a variety of illnesses and insuring good health for the wearer. Also, it was believed that the wearer of emerald could see into the future. Ancient peoples believed the moonstone changed with the phases of the Moon. Stable marriages are said to be the result of pearls.

Some of the most beautiful Ruby is from Burma. The Burmese ruby has been a favorite for hundreds of years. It has been exported all around the world. Today Most ruby is mined in Africa. Ruby is believed to be endowed with sacred powers by ancient Hindus, and is associated with royalty and power. Rubies will bring harmony of life to the wearer, so one can expect a peaceful life when wearing this stone. It is one of few gems that is never treated for color in any way. Mined around the world some of the most beautiful Peridot comes from Asia and Pakistan.

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Luckily, due to their natural charm they always have a lot of supporters and just pleasant people around. Especially in the second part of their lives, when they already study how to choose friends. Also they are usually lucky enough to marry someone, who is able to show understanding in the difficult situations - and that's all what they need. Lovers, friends and family of those born under Number 22 will always feel secured beside them and will always feel proud.

People of Number 22 should study how not to be scared of a defeat. They need to understand, that they always have enough powers to stand their ground. With their talents and abilities - there is nothing for them to be afraid of. And even if something goes wrong - there is always a plenty of help and support from their loved ones.

Astrology Numerology. Numerology Birthday Number 22 This is the Number of Creator, of disclosure of the spiritual potential, of ascent of the soul to the higher realms, of using abilities in their entirety.